LCompanion v2.2 is now available as a Mac App Store exclusive... And it's free!
File Transfers
LCompanion offers a powerful file-transfer feature, for uploading and downloading Luminair project, fixture, image, and PDF files back and forth to your iOS device.

Luminair for iPad v1.4 or greater also allows you to archive and restore your entire file directory, with just one-click in LCompanion.
Create Fixtures
LCompanion includes a simple fixture creation tool, which allows users to quickly build profiles compatible with both Luminair for iPad and Luminair for iPhone.

After creating a new fixture, use LCompanion's file-transfer feature to add the profile to Luminair's library on your iOS device.
Art-Net to USB DMX
LCompanion also functions as an Art-Net to DMX converter. Wirelessly send DMX from Luminair through a low-cost USB interface* connected to your Mac. Set up a simple Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi network between your Mac and iOS device, and no network router is required.

* Compatible with:
Enttec OPEN DMX USB (new in v2.2)
Enttec DMX USB Pro
DMXking ultraDMX