Pixelnode 1.0
What's Pixelnode?
Pixelnode is a plug-in that enables lighting and multimedia designers to turn Appleā€™s Quartz Composer into a powerful live media-server, controllable via DMX lighting consoles.

Pixelnode uses the Art-Net protocol to give users access to one universe (512 channels) of DMX data directly from a Quartz Composer patch. This makes it instantly compatible with tons of existing hardware and software on the market.

What's Quartz Composer?
Quartz Composer is an application for Mac OS X that provides a visual programming environment geared towards live-performance and installations. It's very deep software which is limited only by an artist's imagination.

Users must download Quartz Composer as a part of the Mac OS X developer kit: http://developer.apple.com

Xcode 4 / Quartz Composer now available on the Mac App Store
Use with Luminair
Pixelnode is a perfect visual companion for Luminair for iPad and Luminair for iPhone, our wireless DMX control software for Apple's iOS. Within seconds you can have a light show complete with visual elements, all controlled from a wireless multi-touch DMX controller.

DMX iTunes Visualizers
Apple's iTunes on Mac OS X now allows 3rd-party Quartz composer plug-ins to run while in visualization mode. This means you can use Pixelnode to create DMX controllable visuals that also respond to your music playlists.

Just use one of Quartz Composer's "Music Visualizer" composition templates and add a Pixelnode patch to get started.

HD Visuals
Quartz Composer can output full screen video and graphics in multiple formats and resolutions, so you can have full HD quality visuals beautifully rendered on projection systems, LED video walls and curtains, and flat-panel displays.

Version 1.0.4  03/12/12

A free download, are we crazy?
In the same spirit that Apple provides Quartz Composer as a free tool, we've chosen to make Pixelnode a free download for our users.

The only thing we ask in return is for you to let us know more about the interesting projects you're using Pixelnode on.

Pixelnode was originally created as an in-house development tool, and we finally decided it was time to see what the world could make with it.

System Requirements
  • Quartz Composer (download as part of Apple's Mac SDK)
  • Mac OS X 10.5-10.6 or greater
  • Art-Net control source such as Synthe FX Luminair
  • iTunes 9 and 10.6 Snow Leopard or greater for creating DMX iTunes visualizers

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