The next generation of multi-touch wireless DMX lighting control is almost here. Announcing Luminair 2.0, with new features and enhancements which make it the world's smallest fully programmable lighting console. Shipping Q1 2010, as a FREE upgrade to all current users.

New feature highlights
- "Stacks" cue-list playback system with 5 different playback modes
- 2.5 to 3+ hours of playback on internal battery, up to 36+ with an external battery pack (4400 mAh battery connected to iPod touch 3G)
- Full group support with fixture offset auto-patching
- Cue image references using the built-in camera, photo library, or via Luminair's internal HTTP server
- CoverFlow-like browsing/triggering with reference images rendered in OpenGL
- Support for Cast Software's wysiwyg "Fixture POV" images/data
- Cut/Copy/Paste with tracks/groups/cues/stacks
- Accelerometer for X/Y controls
- Project and Fixture file searching
- Live value entry for tracks
- Lots of new convenience controls and extensive refinements to existing features
- Coming Q1 2010. A free upgrade for all existing users

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System Requirements

  • Any generation of Apple iPhone™ or iPod™ touch with iPhone OS 3.1 or greater
  • Art-Net compatible hardware or software
  • Wi-Fi router or access point